Best BTST Stock (NSE) - buy today sell tomorrow - no penalty
Best BTST Stock (NSE) - Buy Today Sell Tomorrow - No Penalty

Best BTST Stock (NSE): Today we’re going to talk about a company whose stock you can buy today and sell tomorrow in delivery (CNC), meaning cash and carry. The best part is that there’s no penalty involved, and we’re not just saying this; we’re sharing from our own experience

What is a BTST Stock?

For those who don’t know, BTST stands for Buy Today Sell Tomorrow, meaning you buy shares of a company on Wednesday and sell them for a profit the next day, Thursday. However, when engaging in BTST trading, it’s crucial to choose stocks carefully to maximize gains. So, if you’re considering BTST trading, pay attention to the following points:

  • Choose a stock with a circuit limit of up to 20%.
  • The stock should be trending upwards with good volume.
  • Opt for a company with high liquidity.

While these criteria aren’t mandatory, employing these techniques can help you find lucrative BTST stocks. But if you’re not a full-time trader and don’t have the time to spend the whole day searching for BTST stocks, and you want to earn small profits daily, we have a stock recommendation based on our own BTST trading.

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BTST Stock Name, Profit on Purchase, No Penalty

The BTST stock we traded is REC LTD (NSE: RECLTD). We noticed significant volatility in this stock as it opened today at ₹492.05, dropped to ₹484 shortly after, and closed at ₹499.05 by the end of the market session. Today, this stock reached a low of ₹484 and a high of ₹501.

Since we bought 857 shares of this stock yesterday at ₹491, we sold it in delivery at ₹494 with a price limit, securing a small profit.

BTST Stock Bought on 30 January 2024
BTST Stock Bought on 30 January 2024
BTST Stock Sold on 30 January 2024
BTST Stock Sold on 30 January 2024

Now, because we bought this share in delivery (CNC) just yesterday, as soon as it was sold, 100% of the money was blocked for trading today. However, after the market closed, it was transferred to our demat account without any penalty. However, if we want to withdraw this money, we’ll have to wait for the next day because, as per trading rules, we’ll have to wait for T+1.

Before engaging in BTST trading, remember to conduct it in delivery (stocks) rather than option trading.